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canadian goose jacket I stopped watching after the end canada goose outlet belgium of the Glenn season (if that makes sense). During that entire season, they were gearing up and making friends to eventually take on Neegan and then all of a sudden the season was over. It just got way too boring and I lost interest. It’s super disappointing because with the exception of possibly The Governor, Neegan is easily the best villain I’ve seen in not only TWD, but any show in years.Maybe when the series ends I’ll binge it on Netflix, but for now I don’t see canada goose outlet usa a point watching a show that for all of tents and tortoises has no end. this is the exact reason i gave up on supernatural tooI stopped at the canada goose jacket outlet uk govna, I just couldn enjoy TWD around that time for some reason. Its like Dexter, another show that I was addicted and ecstatic about more than canada goose outlet seattle anything at the beginning, and then suddenly 180d and got disinterested all at once and left wondering it get really bad or did I just get used to it? Am I maybe not paying hard enough attention to enjoy it? Am I being picky and negative and ruining my fun?” Its like when you like a girl and later stop liking her and miss that feeling and wonder what going on. I don think that in itself made me lose interest, I think I just suddenly lost interest unrelatedly in either the episode after or the episodes after, just too suddenly. I stopped as soon as that season ended and I stopped at issue 100 from the comics.I was actually still interested at that point because I liked T Dog. The way they do their finales is weird. They’ll basically end the season right when some crazy shit happens and then you have to wait for next season like they have nothing to entice you into the canada goose outlet eu next season. That loop is escaped and long forgotten around issue 70 (current issue is 184, so more than half the series by now is past that) when Rick and company figure out that walling themselves off with concrete and machinery is plenty enough to hold off the dead. Then it becomes a story of different walled societies who solved that problem fighting over resources eventually building trade routes between communities canada goose outlet store uk as their economy thrives and actual civilization once again takes root.The current plotline features the largest organized civilization in The Walking Dead comics, as it in Ohio and has some 50,000 citizens. Would you let me tell you a story?My grandpa had Parkinson and psuedo lukemia (myodisplastic syndrome) I took him for 6 hour long monthly transfusions 60 miles away every month for 5 years. When he heard the news about Robin Williams he said “maybe he had the right idea.” I couldn disagree with him. Parkinson was a special kind of hell. First he couldn shoot guns with me anymore. Couldn write. Couldn shovel his own sidewalk. Couldn drive. Walk. Stand. On his own.So at 19 I dropped out of college and I became his caretaker canada goose outlet store calgary because my mom wasn physically canada goose stockists uk strong enough to hold him up to get to the toilet. 5 years I worked a full time job in water/wastewater treatment and took care of Grandpa. I harbor zero bad feelings about that time in my life. I 26 now, he gave me his home when he passed, as payment for everything, but I have done it for free. It was a nice canada goose outlet niagara falls surprise when I found out though.In his prime he was 6 and 200 lbs. When I took him to the hospital the last time he was hunched over from the Parkinson to about 5 And weighed 130lbs.I guess what I trying to say is, some people have to live it out because they can pull the plug so to speak. And believe me, if he had a plug to pull he would have looked at me and said “I tired, let me go” and even though a part of me went with him, I would have had to do it.When I comes to end of life care remember it about what they need. Sometimes putting an canada goose outlet online reviews end to their misery is the right choice. I know that sometimes it feels like you were throwing him away, at least I felt that way about 6 weeks before that last trip to the hospital when he and I had decided no more transfusions, no more needle pokes, uncomfortable car rides, extended stay waiting rooms. I still feel that way once in a while. But he had no friends his own age. No quality of life. No freedom. And he was canada goose outlet vancouver sick, and tired. And just wanted to sleep. So he went to sleep.I was at work when he passed after about 2 canada goose outlet near me weeks in the hospital. The nurses told me his last words were “come on Grump.” Grumpy was the dog he had in high school, when he tended sheep camp in the mountains near our home. I wish I could have been there by his side, but at the same time canada goose outlet sale the canada goose outlet orlando image of him walking into the mountains with his dog, all alone. Is so beautiful, and how he would have wanted to go out. I wish for his sake, he could have gone sooner.Sorry for canada goose uk site rambling just got to thinking and I couldn help myself. When I was in high school, TWD was at its high point. He came to our school, walked the halls, sat in on classes and towards the end of the day he gave us a little speech in our canada goose outlet auditorium and afterwords, he shook my hand and took a minute to talk to my group of friends I was with. The conversation wasn important at all but canada goose outlet us the time he took to have it was. Thanks Scott, you were a great canada goose factory outlet guy. We miss youI worked with Mr. Wilson backstage at a Comic Con, and I tell the story of how sweet he was often. Backstage crew have a quick canada goose outlet las vegas turnover between panelists, so we often run around for the better part of 12 hours, with few breaks, and very little food and water. Mr. Wilson recognized our canada goose outlet trillium parka black ravenous faces, left the backstage area, making us all nervous because his showtime to go on stage was coming up quickly, only to arrive with minutes to spare with a pizza for the stage/AV/lighting crews. I had never had a panelist do that before, and haven’t had one do it since. Such a kind man, through and through canadian goose jacket.