The Akaitcho have been at the negotiating table with Canada since 1992.  Over the years Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation has had a few Chief Negotiators and Community Negotiators to help move negotiations along with the support of Akaitcho Chiefs.  It has been a lengthy and challenging process, however, Akaitcho Negotiators are advancing the process and plan to reach an Agreement in Principle (AIP) by spring 2019.

The Akaitcho team has continued to work under a mandate of Treaty implementation.  The negotiations process is NOT about extinguishing our Treaty, it is about clarifying and implementing the Treaty based on the foundations of the existing 1900 Treaty.

Most recently, Canada submitted a counter proposal to Akaitcho First Nations, which is currently under review.  The proposal outlines the size of Dene Title Land, access to surface and subsurface resources, cash compensation, and the percentage for royalties.

Updates regarding the counter proposal was provided to all Akaitcho First Nations leaders and community members in October and November of 2017.  Major decisions in the coming months by Akaitcho Chiefs and Council is expected.