Common Questions

Members of the negotiating team are often asked the following common questions.

Are we getting rid of our Treaty?
No. We are not getting rid of our Treaty, we are implementing our Treaty of 1900. Akaitcho Negotiators are clarifying our Treaty with the Crown as there were differences in understanding of what the Treaty meant.  There will be no extinguishment of our rights under our Treaty of 1900.  We are implementing our Treaty of 1900 and our rights under it.
Will I still have a Treaty card?
Yes will still hold a Treaty card.
Are we giving away our land?
We are implementing the co-existence principles of the Treaty of 1900.  Dene Title Land will be identified for Akaitcho Dene.  Co-existence Land will continue to be shared.  We are identifying Akaitcho Dene Title Land as depicted in the Maps section of this website.
How much money are we going to get?
Akaitcho Dene will recieve compensation for past impacts on land infringements of our collective Treaty rights.  The amount of cash has not been determined nor settled to date. Negotiations will continue the coming months.
What will happen to our harvesting rights?
Akaitcho Dene harvesting rights will be set out in the Akaitcho Agreement.  The rights set out will be a clarification of the harvesting rights that we currently have under the Treaty of 1900.  The harvesting rights are contained in the five harvesting chapters, which deal with wildlife, fish, migratory birds, plants, and trees.  Akaitcho Dene members will be able to continue harvesting with their rights to do so set out in Akaitcho Agreement.
How much land are we negotiating for?
Presently, we are negotiating for 45,000 square kilometers of Dene Title Land,  however, the exact size has not been settled.
Why is the negotiations process taking so long?
Akaitcho Dene have sought for many years to have their Treaty of 1900 implemented by the Crown in full.  That is what these negotiations have been about.  There have and continue to be very difficult issues to be negotiated.  This was particularly the case in the days of previous federal government.  However, much better progress is being made now, with the goal of reaching an Agreement in Principle (AIP) by May of 2019.  However, Akaitcho is not prepared to agree to provisions in the Akaitcho Agreement just for the sake of getting an agreement in place.  Akaitcho Chiefs and Akaitcho Negotiators want to achieve the best deal possible and will not settle for anything less than Akaitcho Dene consider appropriate.  The Crown has made multiple proposals, however the Akaitcho Chiefs have not found them to be satisfactory.
What powers will the Akaitcho get?
Akaitcho First Nations will have the authority to self govern when land claims and self government negotiations are complete.
Who will be affected by self-government?
All Akaitcho Dene will be affected by self government as each Akaitcho First Nation will take over certain agreed upon jurisdictions, programs, and services once negotiations are complete.
Will I get the same level of service as before self-government?
Yes, however it will be an improved service.
What programs and services will be managed by Akaitcho self-government?
The GNWT and each individual Akaitcho First Nations will determine which programs and services the Akaitcho will take over upon completion of self government negotiations.
Are we getting exempt from taxation?
We will not be exempt from taxation unless an Akaitcho Dene First Nation Government opts out of taxing its citizens. Each Akaitcho Dene First Nation Government will decide the issue for itself. Tax collected, if any will go back to their Akaitcho Dene First Nation Government to pay for various programs and services.