Akaitcho Dene: means individuals that,
(a) in 1900, was comprised of the persons represented at the making of Treaty 8 at Deninu K’e on July 25, 1900, at which Chief Drygeese, was the principal spokesperson and which was made by Chief Drygeese, Chief Snuff and Chief Anthay.
(b) an Akaitcho band members; and
(c) a descendant of person described in (b)

Land Claims: is the general term used for the process of negotiating land and self-government agreements.

Agreement in Principle: also known as AIP, is the agreement which all Negotiators (GNWT, Canada, and Akaitcho) reach an agreement, however, the AIP is NOT the Final Agreement.

Dene Title Land: is land identified by the Akaitcho First Nations as their asserted Territory.

Crown Land: is land that is claimed by Canada.

Self-Government: means the right to self govern and look after your own affairs.

Constitution: is a legal framework that defines how a government will make decisions and laws.

Negotiate: means to arrange something through discussion.

Dene Law: means law of a Akaitcho Dene First Nations Government.