Political Accord Agreement

The Political Accord Agreement between the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and Akaitcho Territory Dene First Nations outlines paramenters for working together while settling outstanding issues pertaining to Akaitcho Treaty 8 negotiations.

The Parties agree to work cooperatively together on a variety of subjects including the following:

  • the implementation of the Treaty Rights and other arrangements pursuant to the Akaitcho Agreement;
  • the development of common goals and objectives;
  • the Akaitcho DFN capacity, bearing in mind the need for the smooth implementation of Treaty Rights and other arrangement pursuant to the Akaitcho Agreement;
  • the improvement of the communications and cooperation between the Parties in areas of political, economic, and social development;
  • the consideration of possible arrangement for the Akaitcho DFN and GNWT in the area of natural resources and the sharing of resources revenues;
  • Akaitcho DFN initiatives that might have implications on the GNWT; and,
  • GNWT and territorial initiatives that might have implications on the Akaitcho DFN and their territory pursuant to the Akaitcho Agreement.  For more information please click on link below.


For more information, download the Agreement:
Political Accord Agreement (DOC)