Akaitcho Land Use Planning Process

Land Use Planning has begun within the Akaitcho Region thanks to a partnership struck up between Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation and Ducks Unlimited.  Recently, a Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation and Ducks Unlimited with the understanding that each Akaitcho Dene First Nation would individually begin the  land use planning process within their respective communities.  Previously a lack of insufficient funding prevented Akaitcho First Nations from moving forward on process.

The intention of the Land Use Planning Process is to not only begin conversations within the communities but to seek community member’s input to the process.  Data collected will be analyzed on an individual community basis and collectively on a regional basis.  Facilitation of this process will be scheduled for each community in the coming months.

Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation has secured the professional services of both Steven Nitah with Nitah Associates and Heidi Wiebe with Heidi Wiebe Consulting Ltd. to move the Land Use Planning Process to completion.  Nitah’s role as Government and External Relations will work on connecting and collaborating with various governments and industry to create potential partnerships and examine ways to access additional funds to help with process.  Wiebe will assume the role of Senior Planner and will work collaboratively with each respective Akaitcho Dene First Nation community.